No. Certificate Name
1 Granting Permission to performance of Foreign Artists in Maharashtra
2 Attestation of Documents by Home Department
3 License for amplified sound system
4 NOC for license for Amusement
5 Permission for peaceful assembly and Procession
6 Character Verification for Semi- Govt., Private Jobs (Character Antecedent Verification)
7 NOC for petrol pump, gas agency, hotel, bar etc.
8 NOC Arms License Verification
9 Police Clearance Certificate for Indian Nationals for going abroad
10 Submission of citizenship proposals to government of India
11 NOC/ISSUe of Extension of Residential permit of foreigners
12 Noc for Passport Verification
13 No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) certificate for Indian Citizens
14 Police Clearance Certificate for foreign nationals
15 No objection to return to India (Nori) Permission in respect of Tibetans